Monday, September 29, 2008

What Will I be when I grow up.....

Ok, Mark. Here it is :) Was this what you had in mind? I know you love the hat! That one was for you!

We took these today. I intended on only posting one. But as I looked at them. I liked so many. And of course the kids had a lot of fun working on Daddy's Mustang.

I think we should fix this....
Hamming it up!
Putting the Wrench back in his pocket...
ok, I'll scoot over here.

A Mechanic taking a break

I'll need to test drive this and make sure it works.
Can't test drive just yet. Shewey has a few things to check out under the car.

Uh oh.... Looks like a tough job. There is a third Mechanic working today.
Using an impact.

We may need to take this tire off....
I'll help you....
Oh, goodness, look at those hands. We'll need some Fast Orange!
Rnnnnn...Rnnnnnn.....Going for a test drive!


  1. Kathi,
    they are as always adorable! Did you guys get it fixed... really?!

  2. No, it isn't really fixed. They had a lot of fun, though. It has some major things it needs before being street legal again. Thanks for reading.

    :) Kathi

  3. They sure look like real mechanics... grease rags and all.... We are having great time with Mark and Tab... Check our blogs.... tried to call Sunday.. sorry about the fudge recipes.. Mom

  4. Love the pictures. They are all so cute. They look like little mechanics. Kids always love getting dirty.
    Have fun.
    Love, Sherry