Thursday, September 18, 2008

Active toddler seeks bath.....

Tired of mom saying no to bath time? Too little to give yourself a bath? look no further. Our easy plan will get you the results you desire. Guaranteed!

Here, we've done the work for you, just use these easy to follow instructions and you'll be on your way to bubble mountain!

Ok, this step is great if it has just rained.
first. Go out in the yard. Play like normal. Then "discover" a mud puddle. Any size will do. Preferably the larger the better. For demonstration purposes we've chosen a smaller, less desirable size. But, it does the job.

next, you'll need to crawl and then *Sit directly in the mud puddle. Shoes are not necessary for this step.

here you can see our demonstrator pointing out "mud" just in case.

Also, you are welcome to eat as much mud as you'd like. Do I hear you groaning? It really is delicious. What do you mean? EWWW?

to make sure your mother will completely agree that you do infact need a bath. Make sure your hand looks like this. This is guaranteed to get a "don't touch me" out of your mother. You can tell from this truck that it has been used for mud demonstrations before. It works good with the instructions, just in case the mom decides not to give the bath. this way she will have full knowledge on what her walls and cabinets will look like in a few hours.

For the actual bath. Clothing is optional. If you must hurry to the tub, by all means climb right in. After all...It will help the washer out, right?

If you had it caked on so thick like our demonstrator. A second wash is needed. Clothing is not optional for this step and must be removed.

Next is where you get out. Again an option is the towel. Our demonstrator opted not to use the towel and wanted to "air dry". Then he got his gdiaper on and had a bottle.

And there you have it. A proven success story!!

Playing in the crib in his dipe.
One happy customer!

The end!


  1. Hey,

    I have seen those gdiapers on websites before.
    Do they work pretty good?
    Have you found them for a good deal?

  2. What a great demonstration! ...and what a patient mom!!!

  3. He sure looks like Shewy.. Doesn't he??? Are those diapers disposable?? Mom

  4. Kathi,
    oh my goodness! How in the world did you get him clean? How much soap did you have to use? Did the other kids get that dirty too? :)
    Yes, I do read but am having a hard time lately. I love my family but don't seem to be able to get it together emotionally the last few weeks. wanted to let you know i'm reading and enjoying yours though. -kari