Friday, October 31, 2008

Down.... Set......HUT!!!!!

Christian was teaching Camden how to play football yesterday. While I was watching, I noticed how nice of pictures it would make.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Horsin' around....

Our Horse desperately needed some brown hair. What on earth was I thinking when I thought white hair would stay clean????? Finn has a double ear infection and is starting to feel a little better. Thought I'd try to get some pictures while it was warm enough for this outfit still. Thanks for the ears Tab. He just got them installed today.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin designing....

Today we had the kids draw out what they wanted their pumpkins to look like. Mike carved all the pumpkins, except Connor's . Connor carved his own. I took a picture of each kids' drawing and their resulting Pumpkin.

I was impressed how well Ethan did with his drawing.
Finn made lines on his pumpkin drawing. The resulting pumpkin.....
Say Cheeeese!
The kids with their Pumpkins.


Tabitha tagged me! Guess I wasn't running very fast :) ....
So Here goes:

10 Years ago I ...

1. Was Engaged
2. Dreamed of having a family (I dream *big)
3. Weighed 45 lbs less...
4. Thought I'd have three kids..... 2 girls and 1 boy (man, was I off)
5. rode on a rollercoaster (haven't been on one in ten years)

5 things on todays to do list ...
1. Take pictures
2. run errands
3. call Weight watchers... (no, seriously)
4. fold clothes ( a million loads it seems)
5. Hug my husband and kids!

5 snacks I enjoy... (oh dear, did I mention the weight I've gained?)

1. Crazy bread
2. Chocolate
3. twizzlers
4. No bakes
5. Oatmeal cookies

5 places I have lived... (oh, wow, this should be easy)
1. Midland, MI
2. Caro, MI
3. Clarkston, MI
4. Otter Lake, MI
5. Otisville, MI

5 jobs I have had..
1. In Home care for Elderly
2. Meijers
3. WCCDC Day care
4. Babysitting for Kari
5. Full time Mom

5 people I tag...
1. Kari
2. Mom
3. Anita
4. Dawn
5. Veronica

Ethan's Third year pictures...

I had already taken some three year pictures, but I took these yesterday and I like them a lot better than the others I took. Train doesn't run here on Sunday.

this last one is my favorite.

Macro Monday # 5

Last weeks answer was a wicker basket!

Try this one...

GM Manufacturing.....

On Friday, We all got up with Mike and went to work with him. On the way to his work, we met up with his friend so Mike could get through the security gate as I did not have permission. We got up at four in the morning! After sleeping an hour in the Target parking lot, we visited the GM Visitors center. I had never been in there in all the time we have lived here. It was neat.

Here are the kids with a 2009 Traverse that GM is making at the plant now. I think it looks sharp!
Getting ready to go in the Visitors center.
I wish I would have gotten her name. She was so nice to the kids! She made them each their own "badge" for the GM Plant. Each badge had their own name on it. They were so excited because they thought they had one like their dad. I had to have one to get through the security gate at GM to pick Mike up. So she called and got clearance for me to have one. After she printed up the badges she gave all the kids pencils and window clings and the little ones got magnetic boards with magnetic animals to go on them. How nice of her!

The kids with their "badges" like dads.
Ok, so the car seat nut that I am, drug three car seats through the visitors center for this display: I know it's hard for you to picture me doing such a thing.
My disclamer: The kids in the seats may not be the seat they *actually use. Also it's never ok to just "hold" up a seat belt if the bolt is missing!
disclamer over....
Finn was terrified of the crash dummy.
Ethan was a little nervous too.
Camden watched him very closely.
Ashley didn't mind sitting next to the crash dummy.
Christian didn't mind either.
Of course Connor wasn't scared either.
The kids really liked this rock. They called it Saurus rock. They thought it looked like one on the land before time. Notice how it dips down where Connor is standing. The kids are holding all their freebies.
Holding the magnetic board and animals :)
Next we went to Target.
Finn fell asleep.
Hope you enjoyed the pictures, The kids were on fall break so it was almost like taking a field trip.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

Butterfly bush

I just love this picture! Isn't God amazing? Look how this bumblebees' head fits perfectly into this tiny flower as he goes about his work. I just love watching these little guys. Today, we had 11 of them going around on the butterfly bush.... Amazing! I managed to snap a picture when five bumblebees and one butterfly were all on the same group of flowers.

macro monday # 4

Ok, so all of you got it~ it was a guitar! Try this weeks.... Ok.... Go!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Witch way?

Last night after Church. Cinderella proudly announced that she now knew where her friend from school lived. Quizzically I asked, how do you get to her house? (remember it's dark out, I am driving and she is in the back seat) She excitiedly says, well, first you have to go this way, but be sure you don't go that way. ( remember I can't see her lol) Then she says...And my friend has a big pumpkin in her yard oh and a Witch. A Witch???? yeah mom, a Witch that crashed into a pole. (oh, I've seen those) Mike and I looked at eachother and cracked up. She actually believed that we could find this little girls' house, knowing she had a pumpkin and a Witch in her yard. How original :) So in humor I asked, what color the Witch was wearing. Cinderella responded rather quickly and matter of factly. Purple. Mom, Witches wear purple. And that was that. ha ha ha. She then gave us directions to the pumpkin patch.... also hilarious! hope you enjoyed.

Monday, October 6, 2008

The BIG question

This Is what I get for being a slow eater.... Dinner was almost over, and everyone else had left the table, except for Cinderella and Myself. I am an exceptionally slow eater and she was...well she didn't really care for what we were having so she was picking out what she did like out of hers. Between bites. I heard her ask? Mom, Just how do babies get born from their Mommas tummies? I pondered for a minute, realizing that this wasn't my first birds and bees talk, and it wouldn't be my last. So, I was about to say what I thought to be a reasonable answer, when I see Mike, peering around the corner, with a huge grin on his face. As if to say ha ha. Glad I am a super fast eater. Lets see you get out of this one. So I replied with. Well, God gives the mom a special place for the baby to come out. Feeling pround of myself, thinking this would satisfy her curiosity, I took another bite of my dinner. You mean here Mom? Cinderella says, as she lifts her shirt and pulls her belly button out six inches. No, not there, Cinderella, we'll talk about it after dinner, so I can read you a book I have. So after dinner, and after teasing Mike that it was his turn with her, (since I had already had the "talk" with both of the boys) I sat down with her and the book and read it to her. I'm not sure how much she understood, but I didn't want her to feel like she couldn't get an honest answer.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

What will I be when I grow up....

A famous Racecar driver....

I picked the pics of Shewey for the blog because out of all our kids who climbed in this racecar. He was the most thrilled.

Shewey with the Owner of the car. Tim Mitchell.

let me make sure no one is coming up on me too fast..... (notice the little review mirror?)

The car had just been in a race the night before in Taledega. We were actually at a car show. It was very nice of Tim to let the kids sit inside his car. He also autographed pictures for them.

Macro Monday.....

Ok, Here is #3.

And the answer to last weeks puzzle....

Everyone got it right! No, They won't be given as a prize, sorry. you see... we've already eaten them.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008