Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Photoshoot with Baby D.

This baby was a pro at pictures! I think this was the easiest newborn by far.
I turned off the Air conditioning in the livingroom prior to the shoot and all went well.
The last one is my favorite. Sorry Mom, I know you don't like nakey babies.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A new baby...

Tiny feet :)
Don't you just love newborns?

Mmm... Loving this pacifier

The proud Parents.
I was so thrilled to be present at the birth.
I'm not sure, after watching this birth, If I ever want to go through labor again though.

Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa FL

Here are some random pictures from Florida. I still don't have all of them so I figured I'd post some of them. These are two Bald Eagles that were injured and now call the zoo home.

Ethan Feeding the stingrays

Christian with a Lorakeet.

Camden's new hat.

Ashley feeding the lorakeet.

Connor with a lorakeet.

I was hoping to caputure a shot like this one!
I was so excited to get this picture.

Arriving at the Zoo.

A hybrid lorakeet.

Mike was popular with the lorakeets.