Saturday, December 27, 2008

Some Christmas Cheer....

Who can't help but smile, when they see pictures like these??? My Parents made a really nice basket full of goodies for us. It had an adorable snowman theme. Inside the basket was a snowman wearing a scarf and Santa hat. I kept looking at this cute little snowman and suddenly it hit me.... these things would fit on Lilly. And of course they did.

Wearing the Scarf....

Who knew that Lilly would absolutly love to unwrap gifts? I had to make sure she was in her cage while the kids unwrapped their own gifts, as she wanted to help.

Lilly loves rubber duckies.

Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Waving good bye

Here are some of the kids waving good bye to Grandma and Grandpa as they head towards Michigan.

Aren't they cute?

Romantic Date.....

While staying at the hotel. My mom and dad Offered to watch the kids so we could go on our second date for the weekend :) Our first date was to Applebees on Saturday night. We had lime chicken.....mmmmm....

Our second date was to the Opryland Hotel. What a beautiful place. This is the view in front of the hotel.

All of these things were even prettier in person. It was nice to get out, just the two of us.
This was had a huge flag pole in the middle. the Poinsettias were three dimentional. Very pretty.

I was most surprised to see this Life size Nativity scene. Amazing detail. and the Christmas story was playing on speakers out there.

This hotel was so pretty on the inside. The tree behind us was made completly out of Poinsettia flowers.

What's more romantical than a horse drawn carrige ride to see all the lights! We paid extra to have a private carriage. It was really nice.

Christmas Gift....

For Christmas My parents took us to a motel. We chose to Stay in Nashville. It was a little farther away but we had a really good time.

And if you're wondering about the purple swimsuit.... You see..there just aren't arm floaties this time of year at Walmart. So we had to make due with this swimsuit from Jessica.

Another part of our gift was going out to eat at the Golden Corral. Here is a pic of Finn walking out of the resturant with my Dad. What a sweet picture.

Ethan was most impressed with his Shark (sharp) knife. he thought it was great that it was in his bundle of silverware. Silly kid. He cut up everything on his plate.

Here is a group picture. Does the orange sweatshirt make me look fat? I guess I should have wore black. It was nice to go out to eat. We really don't go out much so it was a treat. Thanks Mom and Dad!

A visit with my parents...

this is a normal scene at our house... Ethan loves Matchbox cars....

who doesn't love a good whoooooer?

We had a sweets attack while mom was visiting. We made Tabitha's yummy crunchy stuff and We also made Reindeer. If you haven't made these Reindeer, you should! You'll need one bag of pretzels. pictured :) One bag of hershey kisses. and a bag of M & Ms.

next Heat your oven to 350 * . Place the pretzels on a cookie sheet with the hershey kiss sittin on top. Bake these for two minutes. As soon as they come out of the oven push an M&M into the hershey kiss. Let cool. then Enjoy!

Grandpa and Ethan playing Cars :)

Grandma and Camden.

New Pajamas

We had a really nice visit with Vicki and Johnny. Mike's gradaduation went really well. It's always nice to have company :) I saw a picture where the family was all dressed in pajamas, so I wanted to try it. It didn't turn out very well as Finn didn't want to lay down. We did manage to get one decent picture though.

Our family in Christmas Pjs.


Ethan really enjoyed playing with Alaina. He was always paying special attention to her. He asked and asked for the "girl baby" after they returned home.

Alaina and Finn enjoying some Lasagne and corn. Doesn't Finn look big?

Camden and Jonathon enjoyed playing Geo Tracks.

Ashley and Stephen

Christian and Christopher

Alaina enjoying some Gerber Graduates.

Mike's Graduation

Mike and his Teacher

Getting his Diploma

Mike and Vickis' Family

Mike and his parents

Mike and myself

Mikes' Graduation Cake

Mike and his cake

Camden's 5th Birthday

It's hard to believe that five years have gone by already. I'm not sure where the time went but Camden is already five! For some reason Camden really loves Spider Man. He's never actually seen a Spider man movie (I think he would be scared). All of a sudden a couple months ago, everything spiderman would catch his attention. We had company over for his birthday so I had his cake made from cupcakes. This was so neat because the kids didn't need an extra plate for cake they just took a cupcake white or chocolate :)
Happy Birthday Camden!