Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Gift....

For Christmas My parents took us to a motel. We chose to Stay in Nashville. It was a little farther away but we had a really good time.

And if you're wondering about the purple swimsuit.... You see..there just aren't arm floaties this time of year at Walmart. So we had to make due with this swimsuit from Jessica.

Another part of our gift was going out to eat at the Golden Corral. Here is a pic of Finn walking out of the resturant with my Dad. What a sweet picture.

Ethan was most impressed with his Shark (sharp) knife. he thought it was great that it was in his bundle of silverware. Silly kid. He cut up everything on his plate.

Here is a group picture. Does the orange sweatshirt make me look fat? I guess I should have wore black. It was nice to go out to eat. We really don't go out much so it was a treat. Thanks Mom and Dad!

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