Saturday, December 27, 2008

Some Christmas Cheer....

Who can't help but smile, when they see pictures like these??? My Parents made a really nice basket full of goodies for us. It had an adorable snowman theme. Inside the basket was a snowman wearing a scarf and Santa hat. I kept looking at this cute little snowman and suddenly it hit me.... these things would fit on Lilly. And of course they did.

Wearing the Scarf....

Who knew that Lilly would absolutly love to unwrap gifts? I had to make sure she was in her cage while the kids unwrapped their own gifts, as she wanted to help.

Lilly loves rubber duckies.

Merry Christmas


  1. Good looking bird! I didn't know you had and my niece have something in common.

  2. Where did you get those clothes?? ha ha

  3. Hi Kathi,
    I just looked through your blog from December and really enjoyed the pictures and info. I know I have really dropped the ball with blogging and staying in contact lately. I miss you though and am having a hard time finding the time to call or email. I want you to know that I am interested in your family just, as you may have heard have offended the family once again by ? You know how it is. Everyone has some comment to make about something that's I haven't done right and despite the fact that I am called the confrontational one I am really feeling like not answering the phone or blogging anything anymore. They can come to Newberry if they really care... doubt that will ever happen. lol.
    Probably said too much already but whatever....
    Delete this comment if you want. -Kari

  4. Kathi,
    Missing you on your blog. I love the pictures you put on of your kids and the whole family and things you share. You sure have a nice family. My daughter was having some times of criticism on her blog and almost gave up on blogging, but she didn't and I'm so glad. She does a great job. And someone made a comment on there that encouraged her, by saying that it was her personal place and she can be free to say what she wants. If other people take offense it is much more their problem and not yours. Sometimes people are going through things that have nothing to do with you and they take it out on you. But sometimes they say things to you because they feel you are safe to air things with. So either way let it go, and enjoy blogging. You do such a nice job. Love and prayers AND Hugs, Sue