Monday, September 29, 2008

Macro Monday number 2 round....

Ok, guys you know what to do.... ......

What Will I be when I grow up.....

Ok, Mark. Here it is :) Was this what you had in mind? I know you love the hat! That one was for you!

We took these today. I intended on only posting one. But as I looked at them. I liked so many. And of course the kids had a lot of fun working on Daddy's Mustang.

I think we should fix this....
Hamming it up!
Putting the Wrench back in his pocket...
ok, I'll scoot over here.

A Mechanic taking a break

I'll need to test drive this and make sure it works.
Can't test drive just yet. Shewey has a few things to check out under the car.

Uh oh.... Looks like a tough job. There is a third Mechanic working today.
Using an impact.

We may need to take this tire off....
I'll help you....
Oh, goodness, look at those hands. We'll need some Fast Orange!
Rnnnnn...Rnnnnnn.....Going for a test drive!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Macro Monday Answer

Did you guess correctly?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Macro Monday Game

Good morning everyone! I've decided to start up my Macro game again. I hope you want to play! The game is very simple, Just look at the picture, and try to identify what it is. Often It is cropped or is zoomed in on . The real "answer" will be revealed next week, to give everyone a chance to play. To answer, you'l l have to email your answers to me, so others won't see the answers in the blog comments. Email at :) Ok....GO!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Active toddler seeks bath.....

Tired of mom saying no to bath time? Too little to give yourself a bath? look no further. Our easy plan will get you the results you desire. Guaranteed!

Here, we've done the work for you, just use these easy to follow instructions and you'll be on your way to bubble mountain!

Ok, this step is great if it has just rained.
first. Go out in the yard. Play like normal. Then "discover" a mud puddle. Any size will do. Preferably the larger the better. For demonstration purposes we've chosen a smaller, less desirable size. But, it does the job.

next, you'll need to crawl and then *Sit directly in the mud puddle. Shoes are not necessary for this step.

here you can see our demonstrator pointing out "mud" just in case.

Also, you are welcome to eat as much mud as you'd like. Do I hear you groaning? It really is delicious. What do you mean? EWWW?

to make sure your mother will completely agree that you do infact need a bath. Make sure your hand looks like this. This is guaranteed to get a "don't touch me" out of your mother. You can tell from this truck that it has been used for mud demonstrations before. It works good with the instructions, just in case the mom decides not to give the bath. this way she will have full knowledge on what her walls and cabinets will look like in a few hours.

For the actual bath. Clothing is optional. If you must hurry to the tub, by all means climb right in. After all...It will help the washer out, right?

If you had it caked on so thick like our demonstrator. A second wash is needed. Clothing is not optional for this step and must be removed.

Next is where you get out. Again an option is the towel. Our demonstrator opted not to use the towel and wanted to "air dry". Then he got his gdiaper on and had a bottle.

And there you have it. A proven success story!!

Playing in the crib in his dipe.
One happy customer!

The end!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What will I be when I grow up?

a first in my new weekly series. Puggles was behind the camera before we took some pictures yesterday, I thought it looked adorable. He loves taking pictures. Maybe it's a blessing that my camera is extremely heavy? I have a few ideas for job descriptions already but I'd love some more.... leave some comments of jobs you would like to see in this weekly project! I'll do my best to do them. I won't use the same child every time, but the youngest three are home all day, so they'll most likely be the ones in the photos, *if I take them during the week.
:) Kathi

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Ok, as promised, here is a blog about Lilly. We were worried that she may have gotten sick from the little LoveBird we had, that suddenly died. Lilly was given a clean bill of health. :) With a lifespan of 50 - 80 years, we consider Lilly as a daughter. Lilly can talk. She loves to talk about herself :) She is very busy and is like having another two year old in the house. She requires constant supervision. Enjoy :)

Pic of Lilly outside.

Lilly and Mommy.

Wow, LOOK at THAT!

Lilly can pick her food up with her "foot" and feed herself. Here, she is enjoying an oatmeal cookie. She loves cookies.

Say What???

One day while browsing through the Camera store, I asked the salesman if they sold Olympus? No, he replied. They just aren't good cameras. I can't believe he told me that! The nerve of some people.

I'd like to introduce you to my faithful sidekicks at every photoshoot. We first added the E-20 To our family when Puggles was a baby. Two years later, we welcomed the E-20s' older brother, the E- 10, into the family.

Sorry if you aren't a camera fanatic-- But I have to give credit to these two. I'll be sad when they are retired.

:) Kathi

Monday, September 1, 2008


I don't really have a story to go with these pictures. I am adding them to Sweet Peas One year folder :) I have been waiting and waiting to use this boat. He had a blast. Enjoy.