Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Say What???

One day while browsing through the Camera store, I asked the salesman if they sold Olympus? No, he replied. They just aren't good cameras. I can't believe he told me that! The nerve of some people.

I'd like to introduce you to my faithful sidekicks at every photoshoot. We first added the E-20 To our family when Puggles was a baby. Two years later, we welcomed the E-20s' older brother, the E- 10, into the family.

Sorry if you aren't a camera fanatic-- But I have to give credit to these two. I'll be sad when they are retired.

:) Kathi


  1. How did you get such great pics of each camera? Have each one take the other one's pic.? Only you ( or Tab ) would show a pictue of your camera. Bet she comments... Can't get you on the phone.. Call... Cute pictures of S. Pea... How's Lily?? Mom

  2. My camera is an Olympus. Too bad they're no good! The nerve of that man... But mine is very small, nothing like yours. No wonder you get such good pictures!

  3. Should I post pics of my cameras too? :)

    Iknow that guy bugged you when he said that. So rude of him!


  4. LOVE your cameras. Keep up the good work.