Monday, September 22, 2008

Macro Monday Game

Good morning everyone! I've decided to start up my Macro game again. I hope you want to play! The game is very simple, Just look at the picture, and try to identify what it is. Often It is cropped or is zoomed in on . The real "answer" will be revealed next week, to give everyone a chance to play. To answer, you'l l have to email your answers to me, so others won't see the answers in the blog comments. Email at :) Ok....GO!


  1. Has anyone commented on your email yet??? Who is the winner and what did we win?? Do we win the thing in the picture?? Great!!!!

  2. I have a great picture for you to use someday... we all looked and looked at when we got it back and said what in the world is it... finally figured it out though. How is homeschooling going? -kari