Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Ok, as promised, here is a blog about Lilly. We were worried that she may have gotten sick from the little LoveBird we had, that suddenly died. Lilly was given a clean bill of health. :) With a lifespan of 50 - 80 years, we consider Lilly as a daughter. Lilly can talk. She loves to talk about herself :) She is very busy and is like having another two year old in the house. She requires constant supervision. Enjoy :)

Pic of Lilly outside.

Lilly and Mommy.

Wow, LOOK at THAT!

Lilly can pick her food up with her "foot" and feed herself. Here, she is enjoying an oatmeal cookie. She loves cookies.


  1. wow... she looks smart.. for a bird.. We are busy but enjoying life... Expecting bad weather by Saturday as Hurricane Hannah is heading this way....

  2. What a beautiful bird! I was expecting to see a parakeet!

  3. When did you get Lily? We use to have Love Birds, had them for years, Mary & Joseph and one day they both died?????? not sure why. Lily is beautiful. Love your new blog.
    Take care and have a great day,
    Love, Sherry