Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Photoshoot with Baby D.

This baby was a pro at pictures! I think this was the easiest newborn by far.
I turned off the Air conditioning in the livingroom prior to the shoot and all went well.
The last one is my favorite. Sorry Mom, I know you don't like nakey babies.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A new baby...

Tiny feet :)
Don't you just love newborns?

Mmm... Loving this pacifier

The proud Parents.
I was so thrilled to be present at the birth.
I'm not sure, after watching this birth, If I ever want to go through labor again though.

Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa FL

Here are some random pictures from Florida. I still don't have all of them so I figured I'd post some of them. These are two Bald Eagles that were injured and now call the zoo home.

Ethan Feeding the stingrays

Christian with a Lorakeet.

Camden's new hat.

Ashley feeding the lorakeet.

Connor with a lorakeet.

I was hoping to caputure a shot like this one!
I was so excited to get this picture.

Arriving at the Zoo.

A hybrid lorakeet.

Mike was popular with the lorakeets.

Monday, May 18, 2009

1/2 ton of Sand...

A couple weeks ago, I ordered one half ton of sand..... It rained so much that it wasn't delivered for almost two weeks. It just happened to be delivered when Grandpa was here. Together 1/2 ton of sand was moved into the sandbox and the sand table. :)

Filling every container they could find outside...


double duty

Taking a sand moving break to...climb mountians....uh I mean climb up the slide while holding a garden hose.

All filled with sand

Finn couldn't wait to play in the sand

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Course 1

I've always wanted to take Cake decorating classes. I signed up a few months ago and was finally able to start attending classes. The classes were once a week for four weeks. The first class we watched as the instructor made icing and frosted a cake. The next three weeks, were our turn. Below are the cakes I made each week.

Cake 1~ That's why there is a giant one on it.

The next week we learned how to make clowns. I put Finn's name on the cake, because he'll be two on his birthday *and this was my second cake . (that's also why there are two clowns).
Here is the cake I made last night in class. I just love pink and brown together.
we learned how to make the wilton Rose last night.
By the third week of making cakes, we were all so *sick* of cakes....so...This was a giant brownie. Oh was it good!

Cake decorators

Saturday morning, the kids used my cake decorating supplies to decorate waxed paper.

Playing outside...

Here are a few pictures from the other day when we were playing out in the yard. We don't have any leaves on our trees yet, but I have mowed already.

Camden Playing Airplane on the swing.

Finn likes to wear hats every now and then. I think he looks so cute in them :) This hat is fitted and it's Christians hat. I guess Finn has a big head.

Ethan likes to ride the swing like a horsey.

A trip to the Zoo....

Last time we went to the Zoo, we purchased the membership so we could go anytime. For our family, the membership only ended up costing 21.00 more than the single days' admission. Monday our kids had off for Parent/Teacher confrences so we took a trip out to the zoo.

As we walked around the Zoo we looked at the various animals. Then we came to this one enclosure that had like 30 people looking in... what could be so spectacular to have that many people looking in. We got a little closer and then I saw why there were so many people.

There were two baby tigers (sisters) in that enclosure.

The sign reads: Contrary to popluar belief, white tigers are not a seperate species nor are they albino, but ratehr a color variation caused by a double recessive gene. All white tigers are believed to be descendants of a male cub captured in India in 1951. There are several hundred in captivity worldwide, but it is unlikely that there are any left in the wild.

They were so cute to watch. So playful like domestic kittens.

here, they are playing in a tire swing...
Ethan was sitting on a huge rock, playing with a stick, when all of a sudden the tiger started creep over there, she wanted to play with the stick too.
here she is in the tire swing, I guess she wanted me to take her picture.

this tent is over in the Elephant part. the kids are watching the elephants.
Finn was so happy to finally get out of his stroller (pictured behind him). He climbed all over these guys..

They have these set up in different sizes, so depending on the age of the child, they are able to climb on them. There are three. The largest is completly out of the "water".

Looking at his eyes....
Around the Nashville zoo there are animal footprints in the concrete. Christian is standing inside of an elephant footprint.

This guy/girl wanted to have pictures done. It kept posing and turning it's head. Anyone know what this bird is????
If you guessed a Stork, you are correct.

There are also giant snakes at the Zoo. Watch out. This snake ate quite a few kids while we were there. Including Camden and Ethan.

Here is a picture of the playscape at the Zoo. It's ginormous. I took this picture, because the white sign in the middle struck me as funny. The sign reads...Childcare NOT provided. Who goes to the zoo with their kids and then leaves the kids in the plascape while they (the parents) walk around the zoo???