Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Course 1

I've always wanted to take Cake decorating classes. I signed up a few months ago and was finally able to start attending classes. The classes were once a week for four weeks. The first class we watched as the instructor made icing and frosted a cake. The next three weeks, were our turn. Below are the cakes I made each week.

Cake 1~ That's why there is a giant one on it.

The next week we learned how to make clowns. I put Finn's name on the cake, because he'll be two on his birthday *and this was my second cake . (that's also why there are two clowns).
Here is the cake I made last night in class. I just love pink and brown together.
we learned how to make the wilton Rose last night.
By the third week of making cakes, we were all so *sick* of was a giant brownie. Oh was it good!

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