Wednesday, March 24, 2010

we recently purchased a pitcher. Along with it it came with a few freebies.... A coupon.... two tea bags....AND a bouncy ball??!??!
I'm wondering if this is a new technique for gently shaking up your iced tea? Does the ball go round and round and swirl it up very tastefully?
What do you think?


Gabby tried out her Jumperoo today. She really seemed to enjoy it.

Our mall had a "mall wide Easter Egg hunt". The kids had a great time. The sign said there was a limit of 250 kids... I figured it would be Chaos. It was a lot better than I had pictured. This is after the Egg hunt.

Bunny glasses :)
Ethan was terrified of this guy. Camden and Ashley were friends with all of them they met.

more bunny glasses

Ethan with his glasses.

Recent pics

Gabby is trying to give me a smooch :)

This is a three headed daffodil in our garden.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Here is a picture from today. This is one of my favorites of her. Hard to believe she is over two months old now. time sure goes quickly!