Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Romantic Date.....

While staying at the hotel. My mom and dad Offered to watch the kids so we could go on our second date for the weekend :) Our first date was to Applebees on Saturday night. We had lime chicken.....mmmmm....

Our second date was to the Opryland Hotel. What a beautiful place. This is the view in front of the hotel.

All of these things were even prettier in person. It was nice to get out, just the two of us.
This was had a huge flag pole in the middle. the Poinsettias were three dimentional. Very pretty.

I was most surprised to see this Life size Nativity scene. Amazing detail. and the Christmas story was playing on speakers out there.

This hotel was so pretty on the inside. The tree behind us was made completly out of Poinsettia flowers.

What's more romantical than a horse drawn carrige ride to see all the lights! We paid extra to have a private carriage. It was really nice.

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