Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I first saw this on Two peas (love that site), I first heard of this from Mark and Tabitha. I was under strict orders not to do anything until they had finished theirs. So... I am considering theirs done. I've had a lot of fun with these and, as you can tell I am not finished. I wanted to use each letter only once as to make this more challenging for me. I think my name will be the hardest. We had a warm day last week so I went out and snapped a bunch of pics. Hopefully we will have another warm day so I can finish these....

I used Camdens' tricycle for his pictures as he loves to ride it when we are outside.

Mikes' was fun. I used car parts for his.

Christians name had assorted yard items.

Home is where the heart is....

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  1. These are reaally cool. I'll have to try this. I think it is neat how you can see your name all around. How important is a name!!!! God thought so. Hugs, Sue