Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Vicki and Johnny came to visit us for Easter. We had a great time with them. Unfortunately we think the kids picked up a virus when we went to the Easter Egg hunt at Church because the next week, almost all the kids ended up getting sick.

This picture is taken right before the older kids were about to leave for their combination Easter egg hunt and Laser tag. I had to borrow my friends' yard for this, so Vicki and I stayed back with the younger kids and had their Egg hunt in the house. Somehow I accidently deleted those pics?

Playing laser tag.

The kids after their easter egg hunt.
Right to left: Camden, Christian, Christopher, Alaina, Jonathon, Stephen, Ashley, Ethan and Finn

Camden picked some flowers for me. This was extra special to me because he actually felt well enough to pick them. Before that he had, had strep throat for about three weeks straight.

These are for you!

This pic is taken after Church on Easter Sunday, Aren't they cute?

Ashley and Gabrianna
Sisters :)
These pictures are out of order. I love the way this blogger loads...
We had to try the mentos experiment when Vicki's kids were over. They each had fun deciding just how many mentos the would put in the tube.
On Sunday, we had planned a trip to the Science center but decided to get pizza and go to the park instead.

Jonathon, Ethan, Stephen and Ashley playing in the creek at the park.
Pizza, Pizza and MORE pizza!
Dominos wasn't kidding when they said they changed their pizza!
Boy was it good :)

We had a really great time with you guys, Glad you made the trip down to see us. Hope you'll do it again soon!


  1. Great pictures of all of you. I love seeing them all. Keep it up.-Sue

  2. The flowers from Camdem... love that! The kids all look like they have a load of fun when there is fun to be had. I can't wait to see them. I am thinking about going to Heman's camp. Interested?