Sunday, April 18, 2010

Magical Monday at Disney

This year Disney offered the "Give a day, Get a day" Program. This program allowed our family to donate labor (which ended up only being an hour and a half) to earn a Disney ticket. Ethan was the only one who did not fit into the category of donating labor or being under three. We had to pay for his ticket at the gate. It had been six years (almost) since we had been to Disney. We had tons of fun but were exhausted by about eight pm. Here are a few pictures from our stay at Disney.
Cinderella's Castle
We bought some balloons they had for sale. By the end of the day the string broke on the blue one and it went sailing up in the air. The purple one came home with us and stayed up for quite a while (until I popped it)

During our stay at Disney I was worried about the kids getting lost in the crowds so I pulled up each of their sleeves and wrote our cell phone number on their arms. Thankfully no one needed to use this emergency feature but it was nice to have.

Ashley and the Balloons

Finn loved the balloons, I think it was his favorite thing of Disney.

I don't have many pictures of Gabby at disney, because she spent most of her day napping in the stroller.

Right after we bought the balloons.

My parents also volunteered and earned tickets to Disney so we were very blessed to have them go along with us to help us with the kids.

The teacup ride

Mike and I at Disney

Ethan with the balloons.

Our family :)
What a Magical day!

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  1. I have been waiting for you to recoupe from your trip and post pictures. I know that Disney was fun and tiring and memory filled! Wish we were there at the same time and could have went together. I hope you are able to come up north sometime soon. Miss you. -kari