Thursday, October 9, 2008

Witch way?

Last night after Church. Cinderella proudly announced that she now knew where her friend from school lived. Quizzically I asked, how do you get to her house? (remember it's dark out, I am driving and she is in the back seat) She excitiedly says, well, first you have to go this way, but be sure you don't go that way. ( remember I can't see her lol) Then she says...And my friend has a big pumpkin in her yard oh and a Witch. A Witch???? yeah mom, a Witch that crashed into a pole. (oh, I've seen those) Mike and I looked at eachother and cracked up. She actually believed that we could find this little girls' house, knowing she had a pumpkin and a Witch in her yard. How original :) So in humor I asked, what color the Witch was wearing. Cinderella responded rather quickly and matter of factly. Purple. Mom, Witches wear purple. And that was that. ha ha ha. She then gave us directions to the pumpkin patch.... also hilarious! hope you enjoyed.

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  1. Kids say the d------ things... Used to be a 1/2 show on black and white 50's t.v with Art Linkletter... Cinderella should have been on that show.. according to your last 2 blogs.... Are your kids going out ' trick or treating ' or to your church fall party?? Save me some candy...