Sunday, October 5, 2008

What will I be when I grow up....

A famous Racecar driver....

I picked the pics of Shewey for the blog because out of all our kids who climbed in this racecar. He was the most thrilled.

Shewey with the Owner of the car. Tim Mitchell.

let me make sure no one is coming up on me too fast..... (notice the little review mirror?)

The car had just been in a race the night before in Taledega. We were actually at a car show. It was very nice of Tim to let the kids sit inside his car. He also autographed pictures for them.


  1. When did you go to a car show? He looks like he loves the part... All your kids are cute.. Mom

  2. Boy does he look like your husband. it is so neat that their dad spends time doing things with them. You have a #1 guy don't you? I know that feeling and it is such a blessing isn't it? I love you Kath, -kari