Monday, October 6, 2008

The BIG question

This Is what I get for being a slow eater.... Dinner was almost over, and everyone else had left the table, except for Cinderella and Myself. I am an exceptionally slow eater and she was...well she didn't really care for what we were having so she was picking out what she did like out of hers. Between bites. I heard her ask? Mom, Just how do babies get born from their Mommas tummies? I pondered for a minute, realizing that this wasn't my first birds and bees talk, and it wouldn't be my last. So, I was about to say what I thought to be a reasonable answer, when I see Mike, peering around the corner, with a huge grin on his face. As if to say ha ha. Glad I am a super fast eater. Lets see you get out of this one. So I replied with. Well, God gives the mom a special place for the baby to come out. Feeling pround of myself, thinking this would satisfy her curiosity, I took another bite of my dinner. You mean here Mom? Cinderella says, as she lifts her shirt and pulls her belly button out six inches. No, not there, Cinderella, we'll talk about it after dinner, so I can read you a book I have. So after dinner, and after teasing Mike that it was his turn with her, (since I had already had the "talk" with both of the boys) I sat down with her and the book and read it to her. I'm not sure how much she understood, but I didn't want her to feel like she couldn't get an honest answer.


  1. What kind of a book did you read... ? I can just picture her asking lots or questions, you trying to cleverly and appropriately answering and Mike snickering around the corner. :) Parenting - the fun! My kids asked while driving to church Sunday about women preachers and what the Bible says about it because we differ from our church leadership a little on the practice. Wow! Where was Ben...? at home while I took the kids to Sunday pm church. I have very solid opinions on the subject but no Bible in front of me as I'm driving along. Yikes! -kari

  2. Hi. Why do kids grow up so fast??? I love it when Kari comments on your blog... I just saw a real good book in the library today about ' babies ' being born.... Can't exactly remember the name of it. I suppose there are a lot of good information on the internet.... well maybe not all good! Mom