Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wordless Wednesday


  1. I remember seeing those p.j. pants a lot this summer... makes me want you to e-mail the kids here for a few days. :) Am sending you some school books by snail mail. How is that going? My kids haven't started school yet. -kari

  2. Where are the kids standing? Why is " ART " hugging a stuff animal so? Are those pj's?? Mom

  3. Hey,

    Yes those are pj's. She INSISTED they were clothes and wore them on our three mile walk....

    Mr. Art bought that stuffed animal at Build a Bear workshop when we took the kids in...2006. I had the frog packed away but was looking for the big Elmo for pictures when Mr. Art spotted the frog. He played with him for that morning and that was about all. kids... :)