Monday, August 25, 2008

12 Months of Sweet Pea

Hard to believe that a year can go by so quickly. It's taken a few hours but I've went through and found some of my favorite shots. There were supposed to be twelve, but I ended up liking a few extra. :) Enjoy.

He's three days old in both of these pictures. He seems so tiny!

Below: One month

Below: two months

Below: Three Months

Below: Three Months

Below : four months

Below: six months

Below: seven months

Below: Eight Months

Below: Nine Months
Below: Ten Months

Below: Eleven Months

Birthday Pictures below

He wanted to taste the little people frosting right away.
Just about ready for a birthday bath :)
and my newest fav picture


  1. Glad to see that you have rejoined the blogging world... The pictures are all sweet... no wonder you call him sweet pea!!! I never saw the birthday cake.. Did you make it?? ha ha.... MOM

  2. yep, I sure made that cake! I went into wally world and said, " I'll take the little people cake". it was easy as Pie no wait, cake :)

    :) Kathi

  3. Cute pictures! I have planned on doing a 12 month picture post for Katie too! You beat me to it, but I guess you can't help it considering he is older than Katie. Cute pictures and nice to see how he has grown up.


  4. Kathi,
    It was nice to see the way he has grown. I can hardly remember the day last September that I held him that little in Chuckie Cheese in Mich. Am sorry not to have talked to you lately. Times are tough for me and just blogging or talking to people is killing me sometimes. i know that you care and that is a comfort. love -kari

  5. Love your pictures. He is sooo cute and I like how you did the 12 month post to see how much he has changed over a year. So Cute.
    Love, Sherry