Sunday, April 3, 2011

Birth Day

Went to the birth center on Friday for an appointment to see if we could get labor started. We had tried everything to get Corban to move down. We walked the day before for almost 3 miles, Dawn gave me a wonderful "labor" foot massage, I sat on the birth ball... something worked because not only had he moved down but I had dilated from 3 to 4. So at 5pm Elaine (my Midwife) Broke my water. Then we walked and walked and walked around the birth center. I hear that 33 times around makes a mile. I'm not really sure how many miles we walked but we walked from about 5 to 10:30. Ok so we did stop and eat McDonalds, but other than that we walked. :) At around 10:15 Elaine filled up the birth tub.
We were in the Noah room.
The Noah room
The spa :) Talk about a relaxing experience! This birth was like nothing else I've experienced. I had no pain medication with this one. It was way better than being induced.
Here we are right after Corban's birth. I couldn't ask for a better person to be in labor with me. He's so supportive, helpful and encouraging. We stayed in the tub for about 40 minutes. Corban's birth seemed so much more gentle and relaxed than that of hospital births.
Welcome to the world Corban Zane! 9lbs 6oz 22 1/2 inches long!
Corban came out wondering about his world. Finally Elaine bugged him enough that he started to scream.
Mommy and Corban
Daddy and Corban
Daddy and Corban :)
Elaine and Corban

Getting ready to go home.

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  1. Hi.. He is sooo cute !! Looks like Camden !!!