Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Beautiful view

this picture looks much prettier at full size and even better in person! I took this on Sunday, I was out under this extremely old Oak tree taking pictures of the kids and noticed the amazing veiw when I looked up. Most of our trees have lost their leaves already, but our Oak still has this many. The edge covers a side street that is *covered with leaves. too bad I couldn't channel all the leaves back into the yard..... :) hope this brightend your day, especially if your yard is now white!


  1. I love big old Oak trees. But I don't like the fact that their leaves hang on until all the other leaves are down and raked away!!! We've had just a dusting of snow so far.

  2. We don't see oak trees down here but big palm trees and the other trees with all the spanish moss hanging from them.... It is a COLD day today.... but NO snow....